Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection

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Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection bi-lingual texts in English and in German language.

This book was ignited by the exhibition "Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection“ at the BMW-Museum in Munich.  These highlights from the 110 years history of Rolls-Royce - which provides insight to little known or even strange facts - is concentrating on the many details of the exceptional Rolls-Royce motor cars that were exhibited at "Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection".

Aficionados can discover the complete model range and dive into the fascinating history of the company. The  volume shows the development process of every  Rolls-Royce, showcases the legendary car mascot and travels to Goodwood, the home and place of - mainly handcrafted - production of all present cars from Rolls-Royce' model range.  Because the coming into being of this book was in close conjuction with the exhibition "Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection" the exceptional cars exhibited there are shown with many details.  -The specially commissioned photos of outstanding quality alone are worth more than the book's price.  

Hardbound, bi-lingual (Texts in English and in German), 180 pages, ca. 250 mono and colour illustrations, 30,5 x 24,5 cm, date of publication: 2014.

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