The Spectre Arises (R-R Phantom III)

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In his book "The Spectre Arises" on more than 430 pages Steve Stuckey describes - based on decades of in-depth research - the development and the special merits of the Rolls-Royce Phantom III. Such information on the V12-engined pre-war top-model from Rolls-Royce is enhanced by an impressive array of photos with detailed captions. The author clearly has made the best use of having been closely connected with other experts in an international network.

On this theme there had never before been a publication of such quality. It is no vague speculation to expect this book will become a bibliophile's treasure.

1st edition limited to 500 copies, cloth hardbound with box (cloth), 23x33 cm, 438 pages, several hundred mono-photos.

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