Bentley - The Book

Bentley - The Book

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BENTLEY - THE BOOK was heralded by the publishers as „A luxurious journey into the powerful world of the Bentley brand” and promising “An inspiration for anyone interested in automotive excellence“. The fabulously fine illustrations of this large-sized heavyweight (ca. 5 Kilos!) meet and exceed any visual demands. An impressive collection of photos provide insight to a brand that is rich in history and successful with State of the Art Technology in current models. The sheer beauty of photos of interiors dominated by hand-stitched leather and perfectly polished wood is overwhelming. That is true, too, of the top-quality shots of cars in urban areas or battling in competition. Obviously a major interest was to cover models built during the period after Y2K.

Certainly there is no reason to complain about a book with too much text, just the opposite: text and captions were reduced to a minimum. So there are no hints e.g. on coachbuilders of classic cars shown; not to mention there is no of ‘identifying’ any car by chassis numbers. That might be acceptable though it is slightly irritating. However there is a shocking number of errors and missing information which could have been avoided if due care had been invested. Hence to every copy of this book ordered from here a “Corrigenda & Addenda” will be added in an attempt to fulfil the mouthful “Here is a grand tour through one of automotive’s truly distinctive brands.”

304 pp., Hardcover, c. 250 color and b/w photographs, tri-lingual English, Chinese and German; optional avalaible with texts in Chines, French and Russian languages), size 29 x 37cm, weight ca. 5 kg, Date of Publication: 2013

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