Advertising RR Silver Cloud & Bentley S

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ADVERTISING THE ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD AND BENTLEY S SERIES by Davide Bassoli. Published in 2019 with a low-figure print-run. The book conatining slightly less than 150 pages is aimed at those with a special faible for just these models. Particularly interesting, of course, for those who happen to have one of such cars in their custody. An impressive collection of adverts providing an impression what the car manufacturer and suppliers, dealers and coachbuilders considered appropriate to attract potential customers for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I, II and III as well as Bentley S1, 2 and 3. A surprisingly high number of these cars are to be found in adverts by companies that were entirely separate from any motor car business - those did speculate on a 'windfall-profit' from the incredibly fine image of the marques. Hartbound, 210 x290mm, 147 pages, Illustrations and photos in mono and in colour, Date of Publication: 2019 (Limited 1st Edition: 500 copies).


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