Bentley Continental The Genesis

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The history of the iconic Bentley R Continental as never told before. 

The impact of the Bentley Continental in the automotive panorama when introduced in 1952 is described in detail. 'BENTLEY CONTINENTAL THE GENESIS' is complimentary of the previous opus ‘CONTINENTAL JOUNEYS' compiled by Davide Bassoli. That had been published in 2017 and is 'out of print'. The new book is an addition and does not substitute what previously appeared in print.

'BENTLEY CONTINENTAL THE GENESIS' covers the technical aspects and how the Bentley Continental was built. The discovery of new material previously unseen, has allowed to bring to the light new details of the fascinating history of the Bentley Continental.

Details: Date of publication: June 2022, Hardcoverd, 300x207 mm, 204 pages plus 7 inserts for a total of 236 pages, 266 Photos (mony of these previously unreleased); Price 220 EURO

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