Bentley Motors - On The Road

Bentley Motors - On The Road

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by Bernard L. King

A grand compendium providing 560 pages of charming and entertaining content. This is a reprint of magazines published during the 1930s by Bentley Motors describing how owners of Derby Bentleys toured with their cars during a by-gone era. The first volume contains the magazines of which 13 had been published, rarely ever has there been any chance during recent years to obtain one or the other original e.g. at auction. The magazine articles were often written and photographed by the Bentley owners themselves. The second volume includes an extensive introduction which identifies the majority of the cars (information Bentley Motors didn't provide at the time of publication). Added are exhaustive indices of the cars, chassis and registration numbers and the locations in which they are photographed.

Hardback, 2 Volumes packed as a boxed set, 290 x 220 mm, Volume I 416 pages, Volume II 144 pages. 667 Period Mono photos,

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