The Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P. (3rd Edition)


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THE ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25 H.P. (3rd Edition) by Tom Clarke

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The limited 1st Edition of this book on the popular 20/25 h.p. was sold completely within a rather short time. That happened, too, with the re-vised 2nd Edition which more or less was a new book enhanced by many new photos and a multitude of new detail information. The 3rd edition is a further step forward (almost 100 more cars from this model-series have been found to be extant). All the essential details of these popular models; road tests, modifications and chassis output, handbook and sales catalogue details, hints on buying and operating the models are in this convenient, packed volume by Tom Clarke. There is information on the Motor Show cars and on the high numbers of survivors. Also new for this edition are 20/25 H.P. cars used in films.
At the core of the book is a full chassis register of all the cars made. On each single information is provided as regards the first owners, known UK registrations and the current location car data on delivery, coachbuilder, body-design, etc., etc. An index to British registration numbers permits identification of cars e.g. that appear in other publications or attended meetings. The register is complemented by many period pictures of cars. The preliminary section of the book covers history, specification, modifications, coachwork analysis and various other lists. This is a most practical volume to assist car owners and enthusiasts who wish to check cars at rallies, in the trade or elsewhere.

Hardbound 210 x 160 mm, 408 pages, 208 mono-photos, 33 colour photos, published 2009

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