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ROLLS-ROYCE  - JUST FOR FUN - by Klaus-Josef Rossfeldt.

Cartoons or in the true sense of that word 'Car-toons' featuring Rolls-Royce motor cars. This selection of half a hundred car-toons covers models from the early Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost up to and including the brand-new Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Hardcover, 30 x 22 cm, 124 pages, German language, Published 2015. Limited 1st Edition (777 books); each copy numbered and signed by the author.

48.50 € *

BENTLEY - THE BOOK was heralded by the publishers as „A luxurious journey into the powerful world of the Bentley brand”.The fabulously fine illustrations meet and exceed any visual demands. Obviously a major interest was to cover models built during the period after Y2K. No reason to complain about  too much text because text and captions were reduced to a minimum. 

304 pp., Hardcover, c. 250 color and b/w photographs, tri-lingual  in Chinese, English and German; optional avalaible with texts in Chines, French and Russian languages), size 29 x 37cm, weight ca. 5 kg, Date of Publication: 2013

98.00 € *
Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars From the Dawn of the 20th Century into the new Millennium
99.51 € *

(2nd Edition revised by Bernard L. King)
Hardback 210 x 260 mm, 336 pages, over 500 illustrations, mostly black and white photographs plus a 16-page colour section, 2nd Edition published 2005

60.99 € *
byGraham Robson
Cloth Hardback 280 x 200 mm, 168 pages, 150 illustrations, Publication: 2003
35.00 € *
by Jonathan Wood
Cloth hardback, 20 x 280 mm, 160 pages, ca. 50 mono- and 120 colour photos; Publication 2002 (not 2001 as per imprint)
37.45 € *

by Bernard L. King
Hardback, 2 Volumes packed as a boxed set, 290 x 220 mm, Volume I 416 pages, Volume II 144 pages. 667 Period Mono photos,

160.50 € *

by Johnnie Green (with updates by Peter Hageman, Bernard King and Martin Bennett)
Hardcover, 245 x 185 mm, 288 pages, over 300 Mono- und Colour-Photos, Publication 2003

67.41 € *

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Rolls-Royce Motor Carsby Brooklands New Media Ltd.
Softcover 300 x 420 mm, 80 pages, lavishly illustrated (colour and mono photos), published 2004

58.85 € *

"Rolls-Royce und Bentley, The Crewe Years" is at least available - after considerable delay - in a re-vised 3rd edition. In the English language a complete overview with impressively detailed lists of technical specifications as regards all Rolls-Royce and Bentley model-series from the post-war period up to and including Bentley Continental T and Bentley Azure.

86.67 € *
35.00 € *

Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection

This book was ignited by the exhibition "Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection“ at the BMW-Museum in Munich.  These highlights from the 110 years history of Rolls-Royce - which provides insight to little known or even strange facts - is concentrating on the many details of the exceptional Rolls-Royce motor cars that were exhibited at "Rolls-Royce - Strive for Perfection".     

Bi-lingual (Texts in English and in German), 180 pages, ca. 250 mono and colour illustrations, 30,5 x 24,5 cm, hardbound, date4 of publication 2014.

--Note: From the leather-bound luxury edition limited to 150 books a few are available. The price of those is 299EURO per book. Should you be interested submit an e-mail, please, to rossfeldt@rrab.com .



49.90 € *


BENTLEY – L’AVENIR POUR DÈFI by Dominique Franque de Luxembourg

When compiling his book Dominique Franque de Luxembourg opted on starting the story  with the Bentley T and proceeding with development-leaps from Mulsanne Turbo  thru Turbo R  to the present Continental GT sports cars.

Beside formidable illustrations the text is remarkable as being of an outstandingly exquisite niveau.

Language: French, Hartbound and boxed, 245x320mm, 192 pages, ca. 400 illustrations, many of those in colour; Date of Publication 2014.

63.13 € *

INSIDE THE ROLLS-ROYCE AND BENTLEY STYLING DEPARTMENT by Graham Hull, 176 pages, hardbound, ca. 25 x 21 cm, Language: English. Compiled by an insider who has been a member of the design-team from 1971 to 2001 and indeed became promoted to the position of chief-stylist. An incredibly detailed view on the styling development over some 3 decades.

56.71 € *

The Early Days by Davide Bassoli is a compendium on the launch of Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and Bentley S1. The text is comprehensive and illustrated by fabulously well-captioned photos. An entireyl new approach - and that makes it a unique publication - is the idea to add as a Bonus a large-sized reproduction of a coachbuilder's drawing plus a facsimile of the original press-release by Rolls-Royce (incl. facsimiles of the original company-photos) - and to provide as an additional Bonus that card, which was provided with each new car to give an overview as regards the instruments. All in all a fabulous book, highly recommended

Data: 3-pages container with specially shaped envelopes to keep the book 30x24cm, softback, 95 pages with mono- and colour-illustrations, plus additional boni.

134.82 € *

In his book "The Spectre Arises" on more than 430 pages Steve Stuckey describes - based on decades of in-depth research - the development and the special merits of the Rolls-Royce Phantom III. Such information on the V12-engined pre-war top-model from Rolls-Royce is enhanced by an impressive array of photos with detailed captions.

1st edition limited to 500 copies, cloth hardbound with box (cloth), 23x33 cm, 438 pages, several hundred mono-photos.

233.26 € *

"Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental" by André Blaize is the most expensive book among those offered on this website. With a dedication second to none André Blaize has devoted an incredible amount of research on fact-finding and photo-hunting to cover all and each and every aspect  of the sportive variant of the Rolls-Royce Phantom II. Thus he achieved to compile this 'heavyweight'. The incredibly detailed information is enhanced by more than 2.000 photos, several tableaus permit a quick overview. A correct statement in one sentence: This book is worth far more than its price!

449.40 € *


The Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith was the first model to emerge after World War II. Deliveries were commecing from 1947 onward - so this book published in the Silver Wraith 70th Anniversary Year is a celebration. Magnificently produced:

Hard Cover with dust jacket and slipcase

392 pages

575 mono and colour photos plus coachbuilders' drawings

129.00 € *
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